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Real Estate Partners [REP]

Estate Agents Training Academy [EATA] is now a:  Real Estate Service Partner [RESP]

Estate Agents  now have on-line access to all the Material covered in the EATA Sales & Marketing Course as well as all the Material & Literature Advertised on the EATA website, by becoming a Real Estate Partner [REP]


An Interactive ‘Marketing & Educational Network’ Linking
Real Estate and Related Industries in a Working Partnership
for the Benefit of All Real Estate Partners & Consumers

All Estate Agents in possession of a Valid Fidelity Fund Certificate are entitled to Register as a  Real Estate Partner - [REP]    You will enjoy the benefits of Real Estate, Legal and Financial Information, News & Updates.    You will have access to ongoing Motivational Material, News and Reviews relating to interesting ‘events’ in the world of Real Estate.    

All of the above being necessary to maintain a balanced platform from which to grow your Real Estate Business.   In this very Competitive Profession, every Stakeholder needs to ensure that they have their ‘house in order’.

This together with the essential ‘backup and support’ in all facets of the Industry, is imperative to sustain a successful career in Real Estate and at the same time, build a financially sound business. 

Consumers are encouraged to visit the Real Estate Partners website:  - where you will find:

  1. An Index of all Registered Estate Agents who have become Real Estate Partners [REPs]
  2. An Index of all Service Partners [RESPs] who Advertise on the Real Estate Partners website
  3. A Library consisting of:     
    Important Contact Details
    Real Estate – Rules & Regulations
    Real Estate News & Important Announcements


EATA is now a Real Estate Service Partner [RESP]

Real Estate Partners

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